Uttar Pradesh is one of the well developed and state with sound Infrastructure, IT Business sectors and Industrial Development facilities in India. Key point of advantages of UP :

Active Governance

  1. Proactive facilitation and attractive policies
  2. Simplified procedures and speedy time bound approvals
  3. Strong industrial security – ‘zero tolerance’ philosophy

Industrial Area

  1. 15% of DMIC catchment area and 57% of AKIC in Uttar Pradesh
  2. Intersection of WDFC and EDFC at Greater Noida
  3. Multi-modal logistic hubs, industrial parks etc. to benefit from reduced travel time to ports

Skilled Manpower

  1. 56% of UP’s 200 million population are in the working age group
  2. 53 Universities, 4345 Colleges, 168 Polytechnics with several research institutes, Centers of Excellence and other vocational institutes
  3. Industry focused skill development program

Location Advantage

  1. Access to 200 million plus (16.5% of India’s population) residents
  2. Access to National Capital Region on the west
  3. Strategic access to market & resource depth of eastern India
Advantages of E-Governance
Uttar Pradesh E-Governance provides many advantages for the government, in all sectors. It facilitates enhanced delivery of government services to citizens, business and industry. It provides information to government and public at lower cost with maximum ease of use.